Why Sustainable Coal?

Sustainable energy resources must be abundant, affordable and reliable, all while minimizing adverse impacts to the environment.  To achieve a sustainable energy future, the world must balance demands for economic and societal advances – and the energy resources required – with the obligation to deliver a sustainable environment for the next generations.

In order to meet growing worldwide demand and maintain America’s economic and technological dominance, we must develop sustainable energy resources – and coal, which is on pace this decade to become the dominant energy source across the globe, is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Coal energy today is abundant, affordable and reliable – and with proper near-term investments in the research and development of advanced technologies, coal can and will transform the way we produce and consume energy in an environmentally-responsible manner.  A clean-energy, low-carbon world cannot be achieved without clean, low-carbon coal.

Coal energy, through the advancement of energy technology, has a history of successfully addressing environmental challenges.  Innovating advanced coal technologies has been critical to addressing these concerns.

The same clarity of purpose from the stakeholders of today, investing in advanced coal technologies, can and will meet the current challenge posed by greenhouse gas emissions.

A clean-energy, low-carbon world can only be achieved with clean, low-carbon coal as a part of the solution.