CoalBlue Project is working to achieve a broad, bipartisan, and unwavering commitment to coal as a sustainable fuel, and the accelerated development and deployment of advanced technologies.

As Democrats dedicated to a prosperous America and a clean environment, we believe securing a diverse mix of sustainable energy resources, including sustainable coal, is vital to America’s future and its standing in the world. A clean-energy, low-carbon world can only be achieved with clean, low-carbon coal.

About the CoalBlue Project

As with other sustainable fuels, the successful development of clean, low-carbon coal will not be achieved without broad public support, including support from both major American political parties. Despite coal’s strong and vibrant history with the Democratic Party, Democrats today are perceived as opponents of coal and its role as a sustainable energy resource. The CoalBlue Project is an
initiative launched by Democrats who see establishing a stronger, more visible, and more vocal base of support for sustainable coal within the Democratic Party as essential, now and into the future.

Creating this broad base of support and securing coal’s place as a cornerstone of America’s sustainable energy future will be the focus of CoalBlue Project’s activities.

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